Analysis of work processes, development of job descriptions and communication processes

A good initial or further training is action-oriented, based on the way people act in their private and professional lives. Only a thorough analysis of the requirements in a particular field of action will lead to qualitatively adequate and consistent educational measures, which will lead to the development of the relevant competencies.

Competencies are not only simply technical skills, but are derived from a combination of resources such as knowledge, skills and attitudes that enable individuals and organisations to act competently and profitably. (cf. our glossary).

For the analysis of the requirements of the work place we apply the CoRe-procedure. CoRe stands for “Competencies-Resources” and reflects the idea that education should transmit those resources that enable individuals or teams to handle their everyday reality productively and “competently”.


A selection of our projects

  • Work analysis: analysis of professional activities and development of competence profiles (eg. A basis for new educational regulations, test procedures, curricula, competence management, etc.)

  • Analysis of the specific needs of an organisation for the development of initial or further training.

  • Analysis of communication processes in an organisation for the development and implementation of efficiency enhancing measures. 

  • WebProjectManager (WPM) (I-II/10/2)
  • Sprachliches Anforderungsprofil für interkulturelle Übersetzende (I-II/08/1)