and implementation of qualification procedures

Adequate and fair qualification procedures and evaluation tools meet the following quality demands:

  • consistency with the job profile, as far as test content and test procedures are concerned;
  • the highest possible test validity and reliability of the testing tools;
  • cost effective and organisationally feasible.

IDEA has a long experience of developing efficient qualification procedures and evaluation tools, eg in the field of vocational education and training, languages and basic competencies.

The acquisition of vocational qualifications through equivalence procedures (Validation des acquis) is of increasing importance in today’s mobile society. IDEA is a competent partner when procedures and tools need to be developed to determine equivalences.

As organisers of language tests and being the qualifying office for INTERPRET we are familiar with organisational, logistical and administrative procedures and are able to take these into account when test and qualification procedures need to be developed.


Selection of projects

  • Development of qualification procedures

  • Development of evaluation tools (tests)

  • Development of equivalence procedures

  • Implementation of qualification procedures

  • Entwicklung VAE-Verfahren für Literator/innen
  • Betrieb der Qualifikationsstelle von INTERPRET (IV/10/1)