Specialist translations

We translate specialist educational texts, mainly translations of normative texts such as curricula, modules, test procedures and guidelines.

We translate

  1. into Italian (source languages: German, French and English)
  2. into French (source languages: German, Italian and English)
  3. into German (source languages Italian, French and English)

Texts are always revised by a second person.

Our specialism: we translate official documents originally written in German into French and Italian. We compare the texts and see to it, that official documents will really correspond in the three Swiss national languages.

Our rates are based on the guidelines of the Swiss federal government. The indications are:

  • CHF 3.60 per line (0.06 per character, spaces included) for relatively easy texts.
  • CHF 4.20 per line (0.07 per character, spaces included) for more demanding texts.