IDEA offers services in a wide range of educational contexts, especially in the vocational education and migration sectors. IDEA not only provides ideas, but also adequate answers for your questions and needs. Some of our tailor-made solutions are:

  • Analysing activities and communication processes in your organisation or your business in order to formulate specific measures for further staff development, training and/or efficiency enhancement.
  • Developing new curricula or updating educational regulations or assessment procedures.
  • Creating and implementing vocationally oriented training programmes and qualification measures.
  • Creating and implementing courses or assessment procedures (tests) in language learning contexts.
  • Developing teaching and learning materials for educational innovation projects.
  • Monitoring and evaluating innovation and training projects.
  • Providing expert translations of educational materials, education policy documents, etc.

Members of the IDEA team have a broad experience in education, at the regional, national and international level. We have expertise in various areas with a network of many national and international contacts. This guarantees quality services in various educational areas.

Before the signing of a contract we always clarify our clients’ wishes and expectations to avoid all possible misunderstandings.